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The CALA “Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits” tour came to San Diego on March 23 to rally the community in support of legal reform. Several small business owners who have been the victims of abusive lawsuits joined Assemblyman Brian Jones, a member of the Assembly Judiciary Committee, who shared his efforts to combat abusive lawsuits and support legal reform in the Legislature.

The event took place inside the warehouse of Coles Carpets, a vibrant local business that has faced three unwarranted ADA lawsuits, as the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Several small business owners shared their experiences with abusive ADA lawsuits.

One local dentist was sued for an ADA violation, and because the plaintiff had never even entered the dental office, the legal insurance didn’t cover the cost. Another small business owner from Julian, CA explained that she was sued along with 67 other small businesses for ADA violations– all by the same plaintiff. Many of the businesses in Julian closed as a direct result of these lawsuits, costing the community jobs and hurting the local economy.

One common theme among all these stories is that the alleged technical issues of non-compliance with the ADA could have been easily fixed and disabled access would have been increased. However, these plaintiffs were more interested in pursuing a monetary settlement than increasing access. The fact that our legal system tolerates this type of abuse makes it plain that we need legal reform now.

The next stop on the “Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits” tour is in Los Angeles on April 4th when Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich will explain what the City of Los Angeles is doing to protect itself from abusive lawsuits.

If you would like to join us in Los Angeles on April 4, click here.

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