Arbitration Quiz

Litigation is the only way to resolve a legal dispute.

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33 True.
161 False.

In which of the following do consumers have the most input and ability to control the process?

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121 Arbitration
19 Litigation

What is the most efficient and cost-effective way to solve a legal dispute?

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9 Litigation
88 Arbitration

Arbitration is less fair for consumers than litigation.

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13 True
83 False

Do arbitration rulings have the same authority as rulings made in court?

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77 Yes
14 No

Educated Legal Consumer Quiz

If a lawyer, or someone acting on behalf of a lawyer, solicits you on the phone or in person in connection with an accident, should you hire them?

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283 No
20 Yes

How many lawyers should you speak to before hiring one?

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5 One
50 Two
146 Three
It doesn't matter

Typically, what percentage of a lawsuit award do lawyers take as payment?

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8 None
8 10%
24 20%
236 30%

What is the best way to verify your lawyer’s credentials?

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205 State Bar Association
49 Referrals
11 Billboards

If you fire a lawyer, are they entitled to any future award or settlement?

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53 No
25 Yes
185 It depends

Are lawsuit loans a good way to cover the legal costs of pursuing a lawsuit?

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16 Yes
244 No