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Project Lawsuit Abuse: Stories from the Frontlines of Abusive Lawsuits

Project Lawsuit Abuse: Stories from the Frontlines of Abuse Lawsuits

Frivolous lawsuits and the abuse of our courts continue to be a key driver of the problems plaguing our economy and health care system. Too often, lawsuit abuse puts small companies out of business and raises health care costs for every day citizens.

Across the country, victim of lawsuit abuse are making their voices heard, telling real life stories about the costs and consequences of lawsuit abuse. Hear from Sick of Lawsuits supporters around the country about how predatory personal injury lawyer tactics and abusive lawsuits have affected their lives.


  • Mayor Marion Presley - West Frankfort, Illinois:
    Mayor Marion PresleyThe mayor of this small town in Illinois says personal responsibility has taken a backseat to today’s lawsuit mentality, and says lawsuit abuse is costing jobs and discouraging businesses from locating in West Frankfort.


  • Mayor Victor Ritter - Herrin, Illinois:
    Mayor Victor RitterThis small town mayor in Illinois says the legal environment has changed for the worse, and is draining resources from small municipalities like Herrin.
  • Dr. Michael Curi - Maryland:
    Dr. Michael Curi A surgeon from Annapolis, Maryland talks about the impact of lawsuit abuse on patients and doctors in Maryland. He says filing medical malpractice suits "has become a big business" for lawyers, driving doctors away from the state.
  • Dentists - California:
    Dentists Two California dentists say medical liability is hurting their medical practice and raising their costs - which effects their business and their patients.
  • David Johnson - Florida:
    David JohnsonAfter fighting a frivolous lawsuit for the past five years, this Jacksonville, Florida resident says it has been more expensive to fight it than it would have been to pay $100,000 to settle the baseless claim. "It never occurred to me that someone would use the civil justice system to extort money from us," he says.
  • Joe Olear - Florida:
    Joe Olear A small, local bowling alley owner in Florida talks about how frivolous lawsuits and the cost of liability insurance threaten his small business.
  • Nurse Susan Delean-Botkin - Maryland:
    Nurse Susan Delean-Botkin A family nurse practitioner talks about the impact of the legal climate in Maryland, where medical liability is creating a serious shortage of medical providers.
  • Alzada Knickerbocker - California:
    Alzada Knickerbocker The owner of a California bookstore describes the impact of a predatory ADA lawsuit on her small business.


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