California’s Trial Lawyer Lobby Is Flexing Its Muscles – Watch Out!

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If you follow Project Lawsuit Abuse, you know how bad California’s legal climate is. It’s the nation’s number one Judicial Hellhole! But get this – trial lawyers are trying to make things even worse for Californians!

The trial lawyer lobby is launching a full out campaign to repeal California’s caps on medical malpractice damages. They’re spending their considerable millions on billboards, advertisements and lobbying on this effort.

The motivation behind repealing caps is clear – trial lawyers want to pass legislation that will allow them to get richer. But their gain is everyone else’s loss. If they succeed, consumers will have to deal with more lawsuits, higher health insurance costs, and less access to doctors, hospitals and other health care workers.

California can’t afford for things to get worse – let’s stand up to lawsuit abuse and tell the trial lawyers that we’ve had enough of their gimmicks!

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