Texas Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Tort Reform

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Hardly a decade ago, Texas had a reputation as a Judicial Hellhole. The state was known as a place where personal injury lawyers came to play the lawsuit lottery, and Texans were feeling the effects. Their economy suffered and their medical costs were out of control.

Things were particularly bad in Rio Grande Valley, Texas. Medical malpractice suits had driven insurance costs up so much that doctors could hardly afford to practice. In 2003, finally fed up with the legal climate, hundreds of doctors staged a walkout in Rio Grande Valley to draw attention to the problem.

In September of that same year, Texas finally passed legislation to cap medical malpractice awards. The effect was spectacular, improving Texas healthcare and ensuring that doctors stay in the state.

On Monday, Governor Rick Perry made a trip to the Rio Grande Valley to celebrate the legislation. He was also joined by Rio Grande Valley Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.

Congratulations to Texas on 10 years of tort reform. You’re proof that reform works – let’s hope more states follow your footsteps!

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