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Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Guest Post by Tom Scott, National Spokesperson, Sick of Lawsuits

Every day, I scan the media to see what is happening with lawsuit abuse. This summer has truly become the gold standard of ridiculous lawsuits. People are filing lawsuits in absolutely outrageous ways and I often wonder if they were even wronged.

Here is a small sampling of what I have seen this summer:

Heather Starks in Los Angeles filed a class action against Jimmy John’s sandwich shop claiming that when she ordered sandwiches from online and in store menus, they were supposed to contain sprouts when in fact, they did not contain sprouts. Jimmy John’s is settling the class action with vouchers that could cost up to $750,000. They will also donate $100,000 to charity over misinformation regarding sprouts.

The District Attorney in Marin County filed a lawsuit against Lowe’s for unlawfully selling advertised structural dimensional building products for sale. It appears that labeling a 2×4 a 2×4 is now unlawful. So from now on when you are looking for a 2×4 you might actually want to look for a 1.5×3.5. The Marin County D.A. settled the case for $1.47 million in civil penalties and the total cost of the investigation (really?). Additionally, Lowe’s has to pay $150,000 to fund consumer protection related activities.

Finally, Nigel Sykes committed armed robbery at a Seasons Pizza restaurant in Delaware. He is now suing the pizzeria, six of the employees and the two arresting officers for a total of $250,000 after sustaining injuries during his arrest. Sykes displayed a gun and was handed $140 from the cashier. This whole thing seems like another attempt at robbery.

I could go on and on about these types of lawsuits. I have been fighting for legal reform for over 18 years and this kind of stuff just keeps on coming. When I tell people about cases like the third example, they actually think I am joking. But lawsuit abuse like this is no joke. It is very serious, because it continues to affect all of us. Job loss, higher prices and businesses closing their doors is no joke. We deserve better. Stop lawsuit abuse and embrace personal responsibility.

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