Business Owners in Illinois Want Lawsuit Reform

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Travis Akin is the Executive Director of Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch

Our courtrooms are supposed to be a place where people go to get justice and fairness. Sadly, that is not always the case.

At a recent Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch (I-LAW) forum in Quincy, IL, one local business owner described a horrific four-year span in which his business was the target of multiple lawsuits. While the claims against his business were baseless, there was nothing preventing his business from being harassed. In fact, State of Illinois officials were actually helping the plaintiffs file their abusive claims.

It is no wonder so many business owners in Illinois are seriously contemplating moving to other states. Illinois, per capita, ranks dead last in the Midwest in terms of new payroll jobs added in 2014 and not surprisingly, Illinois also ranks 46th out of 50 states for legal fairness.

Coincidence? Hardly.

Illinois can and should do better.

The culture of lawsuit abuse is hurting Illinois businesses. Until the state changes course and adopts badly-needed reforms, the situation is only going to get worse. What Illinois needs is more jobs – not more harassing lawsuits.

Business owners in Quincy and across the Land of Lincoln are under siege and they are looking for some relief. The attendees at the I-LAW forum in Quincy agreed the time for lawsuit reform is long overdue. They are joining the fight for reform. Will you?

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