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The 4th of July means many different things to many different Americans. For many of us who live in the United States of America, it is fireworks, sparklers and parades, apple pie and hot dogs, family picnics, trips and barbecues and a holiday that happens at the perfect time of the year for adults to have a cold beer and kids to have chilled popsicle. For us, it is a day to give thanks for being able to live in the greatest country in the world.  This nation is so spectacular because of the freedoms and choices that our ancestors fought for and which are guaranteed to each and every one of us to this day.

The foundations of our country for which we are so grateful – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – are not to be taken for granted. Additionally, the freedoms and choices that we are entitled to in this country are not to be abused. When our forefathers built this country and government from the ground up, they did not intend to give citizens the power to abuse the law for profit. The law is designed to protect these freedoms and carry out justice throughout our nation; it is not intended to line the pockets of any lawyer looking to place financial gain ahead of justice.

All too frequently, we see people – urged on by lawyers seeking to profit from the abuse of our lawsuit system – forsake their own responsibility and head straight the courts when they believe there is money to be made. This even happens in cases where no one has been truly injured. We may not be able to prevent every greedy individual from attempting to misuse the law for personal gain, but as citizens of this country, we have an obligation to understand the difference between justice and greed and to remove ourselves from any legal course of action that is primarily motivated by the latter.  We need to remember the true purpose of the law

This July 4th, let’s exhibit some personal responsibility of our own and declare our independence from abusive lawsuits. These lawsuits clog our courts, wasting valuable time and money while delaying access to the court system for those who truly need it. Is this the pursuit of happiness or pursuit of fast cash?

SOL wishes you a wonderful July 4th weekend. We hope you enjoy time with family and friends and exercise personal responsibility.

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