New Tort Law Museum Doesn’t Tell the Full Story

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Earlier this month, the Washington Post published an article highlighting the opening of the American Museum of Tort Law, the pet project of former presidential candidate and trial bar cheerleader, Ralph Nader.

While the museum claims its mission is to increase citizen understanding of Tort Law and the role it plays through the American civil justice system, a line from the article cuts straight to the truth of the matter. While Nader personally donated some of his own money to develop the museum, “the remainder came primarily from – you guessed it – trial lawyers.”

While trial lawyer influence on the creation of a museum dedicated to tort reform may not seem like a big deal, it is indicative of a much larger problem: trial lawyer influence over our electoral process and judicial system.

Year in and year out, the trial bar is one of the largest political contributors in the entire country. They do this to invest in lawsuit-friendly politicians who block legal reform and activist judges who make plaintiff-friendly rulings. Trial lawyer funding and influence has corrupted our legal system and led to a situation where the greed of the trial bar is put before the needs of everyday citizens.

The result is a legal system that encourages lawsuit abuse and raises costs for consumers and small businesses.

A more accurate museum for tort law would focus on how the trial bar has tried to corrupt the legal system to line their own pockets. Showcasing these instances of abuse would provide perspective on the other side of tort law, the side the trial bar doesn’t want you to see.

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