Veterans call for FACT Act passage to help future asbestos claimants

Lawsuit Abuse

Personal injury lawyer fraud and abuse that is excessively stripping money out of our nation’s asbestos compensation system is well documented, and it is hurting veterans and other future asbestos claimants.  These injury lawyers gin up weak evidence and troll for potential claimants, then file highly questionable or fraudulent claims – which put millions of compensation fund dollars in the personal injury lawyers own pockets.  As a result, the asbestos compensation trusts pay less and less to new, deserving claimants as the trust funds are drained by greed.

Many of our veterans are affected by abuse of the asbestos trusts. As the reform bill in the U.S. Congress moves to a House vote any minute (the Furthering Asbestos Claims Transparency Act or FACT Act, HR 526), many personal injury lawyer front groups, including some claiming to represent veterans, are trying to undermine the many positive benefits of the Act. We can’t let them stop this important reform!

Watch this video of veterans who are members of the Alliance for Asbestos Fraud Awareness talking about the urgent need to pass the FACT Act.

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Also, you can learn more about asbestos fraud and abuse at AsbestosLitigationWatch.org.

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