A glimpse at the 2016 legislative landscape

Lawsuit Abuse Legal reform

By this time of year, many state legislators have moved pass gubernatorial addresses, commemorating those newly elected, and organizing for the legislative session.  Not all state legislative sessions are underway, but many have geared up for a hard look at legislative proposals.

(As you know, the vast majority of states are holding elections for state officials in 2016, and with incumbents anxious to campaign rather than legislate, the amount and duration of state and federal legislative activity is likely to be diminished.  Of course, for so many of you who are passionate about restoring fairness to our civil justice system and curbing lawsuit abuse, the election year means it’s very important for voters to know the candidates and their positions on curbing lawsuit abuse, as well as who is contributing to their campaigns.)

What are some of the civil justice reforms we will see in the states this year?

Many other important legal reforms are in the works, too many to discuss all at once here, and personal injury lawyers undoubtedly will have many tricks up their sleeves.  Stay tuned, as we’ll be highlighting some of the reform efforts – and battles against personal injury lawyer greed – in the coming weeks and months.  We urge you to do all you can to help stop lawsuit greed and unfair courts.  It starts with you!


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