AAJ Convention: Summer Camp for Trial Lawyers Looking to Sue

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This July, thousands of trial lawyers packed their briefcases, said goodbye to family and friends, and attended the American Association for Justice’s annual convention. Much like summer camp, these trial lawyers were fully immersed in courses and activities that taught them new skills. Unlike summer camp, they weren’t there to learn camping or sporting skills; they were learning how to generate more lawsuits.

We created the “Personal Injury Lawyers Go to Camp” graphic to depict (humorously) just how far this convention goes in teaching lawsuit generation skills. From sunrise to the late evening, these trial lawyers had the opportunity to learn new ways to recruit plaintiffs, secure claims, keep claims in class actions suits, and finance litigation.

Just like a camp allows you to pick from any sporting activity, at AAJ, you can pick and choose different ways to generate lawsuits in various industries or under certain laws. From healthcare courses, such as asbestos or nursing home litigation, to consumer products courses, such as energy drink litigation – and even a breakout devoted entirely to “Just For Men” hair dye litigation – this convention provided an A to Z guide to generating lawsuits.

Not only are the courses as industry-specific as the bus litigation and trucking litigation courses are, but there are also courses on litigation for specific drugs and medical procedures. Trial lawyers can attend courses, such as Zofran Litigation or Hip Implant Litigation, to learn specific tactics in creating lawsuits against these type of treatments and procedures.

How to sue resorts. How to sue railroads. How to sue gas companies. How to sue companies over privacy breeches. This summer camp has it all!

While this graphic is a fun way to demonstrate just how outrageous these types of events are, there is a serious issue at hand. More and more, our legal system is being manipulated by certain greedy trial lawyers, who are creating lawsuits to line their pockets. The AAJ annual convention is just another tool to keep the lawsuit abuse machine running.

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