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March 10, 2015

Guest post: Lawyer Ads are Fiction, Not Fact

As a doctor, I advocate for my patients learning the full story about […]

October 20, 2014

Why I’m Voting for Jobs, Not Lawsuits in Florida

As the proud owner of a Florida business, I’m always focused on growing my company and providing my employees with the opportunities they need to advance and thrive.

September 12, 2014

Mississippi May Roll Back Key Legal Reforms – Watch Out!

In 2004, Mississippi passed legislation limiting non-economic damages in civil cases. This common sense reform cracked down on jackpot justice…

September 5, 2014

New evidence leaves black eye on Louisiana

New data and information surfacing about the claims administrator for the Gulf oil spill settlement, Patrick Juneau, raise serious questions about whether he merits serving in this role.

September 2, 2014

Malaysia Airlines plaintiff faces sanctions

A Chicago aviation lawyer is facing sanctions for filing an allegedly frivolous lawsuit in the wake of the Malaysia Airline plane disappearance earlier this year.

August 21, 2014

Alabama Supreme Court’s “Unprecedented” Decision

Last year, we told you about a shocking decision from the Alabama Supreme Court that led to expanded liability in Alabama.

March 17, 2014

Florida Takes a Step Backward

Florida has one of the nation’s worst legal climates, with the American Tort Reform Association naming it a top Judicial Hellhole this year. Unsurprisingly, the Florida Chamber of Commerce has named legal reform its top legislative priority in 2014, calling it crucial to job creation in the state. Clearly, Florida can’t afford for its legal climate to get any worse. 

July 30, 2013

Attorney Who Swindled $784,734 from Clients Still Practicing

We’ve reported before on the perils of “Trial Lawyers Behaving Badly,” but this weekend’s news brought another example for our files.

According to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, attorney Randy Wynn pocketed under one million dollars in client funds over the past. So far, accounting has shown $784,734 in funds that he has personally pocketed from clients. Wynn has admitted his guilt in court, stating, “I’m expecting to be charged, and I’ll probably be in prison.”

July 29, 2013

Report Shows Reform’s Impacts and Celebrates Ten Year Anniversary

At Project Lawsuit Abuse, we frequently talk about the benefits that tort reform has brought to Texas, but today we have another example of proof.

To mark almost ten years after Texas passed its expansive tort reform measures, the Heritage Foundation’s Texas Public Policy Foundation reviewed the impacts that these reforms have had on both jobs and health care in the state.  Both cases mark record success. 

May 17, 2013

Juror Appreciation Week: May 13-17

Editor’s Note: Project Lawsuit Abuse regularly highlights lawsuit abuse news from across the country. Today, Tom Scott, Executive Director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, contributed a guest post for Project Lawsuit Abuse.

In 1998, the California Legislature designated the second full week in May each year to honor the important contributions of citizens who serve on juries, making citizens’ right to trial by jury possible. This year marks the 16th Anniversary of Juror Appreciation Week. For those of you who have served on a jury, CALA would like to applaud you.

March 21, 2013

West Virginia and Legal Reform: So Close and Yet So Far

There’s no doubt that West Virginians want and need legal reform. West Virginia has one of the worst legal climates in the nation, and this fact is costing the state jobs and hurting its economy.

Acknowledging the need for reform, the West Virginia House of Delegates recently passed a resolution calling for a legislative study about the potential impact of creating an intermediate court of appeals.

The good news about this study is that West Virginia officials recognize the importance of taking steps to fix the state’s legal climate. The bad news is that they are moving too slowly. This study will take time, and West Virginia can’t afford to wait.

March 5, 2013

Lawsuit Threatens Baseball

We lose a lot of fun things to lawsuit abuse. Playgrounds, for instance, are nothing like they used to be – personal injury lawyers have made the merry-go-round a thing of the past. Similarly, litigation threatens to completely change the sport of football.


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