Needlessly Increasing Litigation is a “job killer”

Dan Walters, a prominent columnist with The Sacramento Bee, recently reviewed a study by two university professors that examines the “job killer” campaign run by the California Chamber of Commerce. The study claims the media commonly repeats the Chamber’s “job killer” label without any scrutiny or analysis. Walters, however, points out that the press generally attributes the “job killer” label to the Chamber – as would any responsible journalist.

The Chamber has for years labeled legislation that imposes new regulations, business costs or taxes as “job killer” bills. This label has proven very effective in stopping targeted legislation – and that effectiveness is probably why the trial lawyers, who profit when regulations create needless litigation, are touting this study to anyone who will listen.

It is understandable why the trial lawyers feel they must tout this study to discredit the Chamber’s bill analysis. Many of the “job killer” bills that are defeated would have helped trial attorneys file more lawsuits and make bigger profits. What the trial lawyers don’t understand is that most of the public already recognizes that California needs more jobs, not more lawsuits.