Abusive ADA Lawsuits Rock Town of Hanford

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Hanford, California looks like just another small town to your average citizen.  Predatory lawyers see a cash cow.

Recently there was a rash of ADA lawsuits in this idyllic farm town.  One restaurant owner, an immigrant from Cambodia, was surprised and dismayed when he was served his lawsuit.  As an immigrant he was not even aware that these laws were in existence.

Why was his business hit with an ADA lawsuit, rather than given an opportunity to bring his business into compliance? Because California law allows plaintiffs to file lawsuits over minor infractions of the ADA.  As a result, a handful of greedy attorneys file lawsuits over what really should be just a “fix-it” ticket.

California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse joined civic leaders and over 100 residents at an ADA compliance seminar after this outbreak of lawsuits.  Former farm workers who saved their money and bought a little corner store or restaurant filled the room to learn more about how to protect themselves from these abusive lawsuits.

Our lawsuit system should be used for justice, not greed. California should be ashamed that it has allowed its civil justice system to become part of a shakedown system used by predatory lawyers at the expense of our state’s small business. No wonder our state is one of the nation’s top “Judicial Hellholes.” If our state wants to improve the economy in regions such as the Central Valley that are still struggling, passing common sense legal reform should be at the top of the to-do list.


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