Updates: Proposition 65

CALA’s Day at the Capitol A Huge Success

March 25, 2015

Amazing. That’s really all I can say after the tremendous outpouring of support […]

AB 1252 Will Help Stop Prop. 65 Shakedown Lawsuits

March 16, 2015

Shakedown Prop. 65 lawsuits have been plaguing California’s small businesses for decades. Through […]

Nothing Sweet About Prop. 65 Lawsuits

February 24, 2015

Nothing Sweet About Prop. 65 Lawsuits Recently a non-profit by the name of […]

New Prop. 65 Lawsuits Underscore Need for Reform

December 15, 2014

CALA has documented the lawsuit abuse related to Proposition 65 for quite some […]

Legislative Update: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

June 6, 2014

CALA works with the Civil Justice Association of California (CJAC) to support legal […]

When Constituents and Small Business Owners Speak, Legislators Listen

March 26, 2014

Recently, I wrote a blog post titled, “The World Is Run By People […]

The 2014 CALA Legal Reform Wish List

January 17, 2014

Despite some successful reforms in recent years, California still needs to do a […]

Tell Us Something We Don’t Know – California Is Still a Judicial Hellhole

December 17, 2013

If you’re wondering what that smell is, it’s not chestnuts roasting on an […]

Stop the Presses – California Continues to Pass Legal Reforms!

October 24, 2013

As the first half of the 2013-2014 legislative session comes to a close, […]

Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week Reminds Us All That We Need Legal Reform

October 7, 2013

As I travel around California visiting with our many small business members, these […]

Baby Steps to Prop. 65 Reform

September 19, 2013

On September 11th, the state Senate sent AB 227 by Assemblyman Mike Gatto with a […]

The Tide Comes In, The Tide Goes Out

June 7, 2013

There are certain things that you can predict with relative certainty, such as […]


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