Lawsuit Loansharking

Lawsuit loan sharking can mislead and hurt consumers by preying on people when they are at their weakest – such as someone injured in an accident and struggling to pay medical bills. Lawsuit loan sharks – also called lawsuit lenders – advertise on the Internet to target consumers who are involved in certain lawsuits. They offer to pay plaintiffs up-front in the expectation that the plaintiffs will receive a large award from their lawsuit.

But while lawsuit loan sharks claim to offer financial help, their fees are often so high that consumers end up with nothing or – even worse – end up in debt even after receiving their lawsuit award or settlement

Don’t become a victim of lawsuit loan sharks. Protect yourself and your family, friends and neighbors by taking the following actions:

Ask your elected leaders to take action to ban lawsuit loan sharking in your state.

Learn the top 5 reasons to be wary of lawsuit loan sharks. 

Read about the dangers of lawsuit loan sharking in The New York Times. 

Find out what others are saying about lawsuit loan sharking. 

Share our Consumer Alert palm card with your friends to warn them. 

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