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Sick of Lawsuits? You Should Be!

Bad Science Investigation (“BSI”) Awards

We’ve all heard of lawsuits based on bad science. These “Best” awards represent some of the worst use of bad science to support bad lawsuits. These awards recognize those who have helped create these examples of just how far bad science (“BS”) can go in the interest of trying to profit from lawsuits.


And the winners are ...

Best “Film Editing”– Dr. Ray Harron »

Best Use of Special Effects Dr. Paul Nausieda »

Best Actor in a Science Fiction Production Dr. Gary Ordog »

Best Director Dr. Barry Levy »

Best Special Guest Star Performance Dr. Maria Araneta »

Best Plot Arthur Miller »

Most Creative Script Jerry Colatis »

Best Song and Dance John Kiel Patterson »

Best “Screen Play” Dr. Linda Crouse »