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Bad Science Investigation (“BSI”) Awards




Best Special Guest Star Performance: Dr. Maria Araneta

A special guest star can boost the value of a performance, and personal injury lawyer Mark Lanier traveled a long way to track down just the “guest star” he needed to help him win a case worth millions. Lanier hired a private investigator to travel almost halfway around the world to track down an expert witness who he felt would agree with him in a trial against the maker of Vioxx. Expressing confidence in his “directing” skills, Lanier was quoted as saying he would “browbeat” former coroner Dr. Maria Araneta from the United Arab Emirates into agreeing with his novel legal theory. Lanier’s guest star became an award-wining supporting actress, helping him win a $253.5 million verdict. (“Vioxx verdict raising profile of Texas lawyer,” New York Times, 8/22/05; “Coroner Helps Plaintiff,” The Associated Press, 7/28/05)


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