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Bad Science Investigation (“BSI”) Awards




Best “Screen Play”: Dr. Linda Crouse

A really good supporting cast knows how to take direction and make those around them shine. When personal injury lawyers hired Dr. Linda Crouse to screen echocardiograms to find plaintiffs for fen-phen diet drug lawsuits, they found just such a person. Dr. Crouse made sure she was acting according to the personal injury lawyers’ script by allowing her lead sonographer and other staffers to be trained by law firm employees on how to interpret the echocardiograms. In fact, personal injury lawyer employees were “on the set” to monitor most of Dr. Crouse’s screenings. Unfortunately for Crouse and the plaintiffs’ attorneys, Judge Harvey Bartle III’s reviews were not kind. Judge Bartle threw out many claims as “medically unreasonable,” noting that Crouse found heart valve damage in 60 percent to 70 percent of the lawyers’ clients, compared to the five percent rate she had found in a blind clinical study in 1998. (“Bogus Claims Discovered in Fen-Phen Class Action,” The Legal Intelligencer, 11/19/02)


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