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Bad Science Investigation (“BSI”) Awards




Best “Film Editing”: Dr. Ray Harron

Any experienced technician can edit a film to tell a good story, but what about an “editor” who turns a film into a whole new story? The Best Film Editing Award goes to Dr. Ray “X-Ray” Harron of West Virginia. He was hired by personal injury lawyers to read x-rays for their asbestos lawsuits – and then he was hired to read the same x-rays for silica lawsuits. In a result that was surprising to the scientific community and a federal judge, Dr. Harron improbably diagnosed the same people as being sick from both conditions! Dr. Harron may not be able to accept his award, however. After U.S. District Judge Janis Jack questioned his diagnoses of thousands of patients as having two diseases, he sought a lawyer for himself and abruptly closed his medical practice that was dedicated exclusively to reading x-rays. (“Reading X-Rays in Asbestos Suits Enriched Doctor,” New York Times, 11/29/05)


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