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Bad Science Investigation (“BSI”) Awards




Best Use of Special Effects: Dr. Paul Nausieda

Special effects add visual “zing” and can help make up for a weak plot, just ask Dr. Paul Nausieda and the personal injury lawyers who relied upon his medical creativity to bolster their cases against welding rod manufacturers. While on the payroll of personal injury lawyers, Dr. Nausieda conducted mass screenings of welders claiming symptoms ranging from headaches to tremors; his diagnoses were based on a form completed by the claimant and a few minutes of observation by Dr. Nausieda or one of his interns, some of whom were not even trained in neurology. To add zing to the lawsuits against the welding rod producers, Nausieda specifically blamed manganese fumes emitted during welding for causing a Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders. (“Twitch and Shout,” Forbes Magazine, 1/9/06), (“Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Come Under Fire for Claim Veracity,” Wall Street Journal, 12/8/05).


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