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Bad Science Investigation (“BSI”) Awards




Best Actor in a Science Fiction Production: Dr. Gary Ordog

Not everyone can sell the story of killer mold, but Dr. Mold can. The top player in a plot about expanding lawsuits over mold and mycotoxins, Dr. Gary Ordog has performed as personal injury lawyers’ medical expert on hundreds of witness stands. While it is generally accepted that mold causes asthma and sinusitis, Dr. Ordog has gone where no expert witness has gone before, by using science fiction to claim that mold causes cancer, memory loss, autoimmune disorders and cirrhosis of the liver. The American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and the American College of Medical Toxicology see no evidence for these claims. In fact, there are no reliable tests to show that a person has been exposed to a specific mold or mycotoxin, how long the exposure lasted or how much was absorbed (“Dr. Mold,” Forbes Magazine, 4/11/05).


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