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Bad Science Investigation Awards

Who should win Sick of Lawsuits 2006 Biggest B.S. (Bad Science) Award?

Sick of Lawsuits has named its Bad Science Investigation (BSI) Award winners - calling out some of the worst uses of bad science to support bad lawsuits and showing just how far some will go in trying to manipulate our courts to win the lawsuit lottery.

Now we want to hear from you. Who do you think is the worst of all the "bad science" offenders we've named this year - and worthy of the 2006 Biggest B.S. Award?

Vote now to determine Sick of Lawsuits 2006 Biggest B.S. Award winner!

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Oscar Frye
Oscar Frye is the mysterious Huntington, West Virginia doctor who is reported to have diagnosed a plaintiff in a lawsuit as suffering from asbestos-related illness, however no one by the name of "Oscar Frye" has ever been issued a license to practice medicine in West Virginia and the address listed for the doctor is nothing more than a vacant lot. Read more »
Ray Harron
Dr. Ray "X-Ray" Harron of West Virginia was hired by personal injury lawyers to read x-rays for their asbestos lawsuits - and then he was hired to read the same x-rays for silica lawsuits. In a result that was surprising to the scientific community and a federal judge, Dr. Harron improbably diagnosed the same people as being sick from both conditions! Read more »
Paul Nausieda
While on the payroll of personal injury lawyers, Dr. Paul Nausieda conducted mass screenings of welders claiming symptoms ranging from headaches to tremors. His diagnoses were based on a form completed by the claimant and a few minutes of observation by Dr. Nausieda or one of his interns, some of whom were not even trained in neurology. Read more »
Linda Crouse
Dr. Linda Crouse was hired by personal injury lawyers to screen echocardiograms to find plaintiffs for fen-phen diet drug lawsuits, going so far as to allow her lead sonographer and other staffers to be trained by law firm employees on how to interpret the echocardiograms. In fact, personal injury lawyer employees monitored most of Dr. Crouse's screenings. Read more »
Gary Ordog
Not everyone can sell the story of killer mold, but Dr. Mold can. Dr. Gary Ordog has performed as personal injury lawyers' medical expert on hundreds of witness stands, going where no expert witness has gone before, by using "science fiction" to claim that mold causes cancer, memory loss, autoimmune disorders and cirrhosis of the liver. Read more »

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