What We're Doing

At Sick of Lawsuits, we’re working daily to educate the public about the costs and consequences of lawsuit abuse, empower consumers to take action against these abuses, and challenge those who profit from abusing our legal system at the expense of consumers. Learn more about a few of our ongoing initiatives here.

Small Business Summer
See how we're partnering with small businesses to protect our economy from lawsuit abuse.

Trial Lawyers Behaving Badly
Check out these stories of misbehavior and report abuse when you see it in your hometown!

Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits
Follow the Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits Tour as it travels across the US.

Lawsuit Lending Calculator
To help bring to life the real dangers of lawsuit loans, we’ve created a “Lawsuit Loan Calculator.” Try out the Calculator to see how much YOU might owe if you were the victim of predatory lawsuit lending. 

Lawsuit Abuse Stories
Hear from supporters whose everyday lives have been affected by lawsuit abuse.

The Lemon
Our satirical newspaper is squeezing every last ounce out of the legal system.

Legal Climate Trends Across the Southeast
Download the report that looks at nine states and their proposed and passed reforms as an indicator of a state's direction.

Want to get involved in different events happening across America and stay up-to-date on the latest lawsuit reform activities?  Visit our partners.