Demand more responsibility

Don't Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor

Demand that lawsuit advertising be held to equal standards

Personal injury lawyer advertising is becoming ever more pervasive and irresponsible. Consumers are surrounded by aggressive lawsuit ads that often use sensationalistic, misleading or incomplete information to lure or scare people into lawsuits. These ads encourage baseless lawsuits by promising easy money and encouraging people to sue even if they haven’t been injured. Of even greater concern is personal injury lawyer advertising that masquerades as health information and that can scare consumers on important health issues. Because lawsuit advertising is largely unregulated, it is truly consumer beware. Other advertisers must meet much higher standards in advertising or risk penalties and being sued, but personal injury lawyer advertising does not.

It’s time to hold personal injury lawyer advertising to the same standards required of others. Join us in demanding that lawsuit advertising be held to the same standard demanded of other advertisers: to protect consumers it must be truthful, accurate and responsible.

Demand more responsibility from lawsuit advertising


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