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It’s Day 3 of Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week, and yesterday we told you about some of Florida’s laws that provide incentive to personal injury lawyers to file abusive lawsuits as a way to get rich. We see this over and over again between consumer fraud, ADA, and wage and hour lawsuits.

These bad laws act as the starter’s pistol in the personal injury lawyers’ race to stir up more lawsuits and more lawsuit profits for themselves. Each bad law or loophole opens up a new line of lawsuit business, for which personal injury lawyers aggressively seek new clients. And how do they do this? By recruiting anyone and everyone they can to jump on the lawsuit bandwagon.

Because of this, Floridians are inundated with personal injury lawyer billboards, newspaper ads, and TV commercials alerting you to new injustices and harms you may not have even known you’ve suffered and vowing to make someone pay you money. If you live in Florida and think it feels like you’re surrounded by personal injury lawyer ads, it’s because you probably are! As just one example, one of the most infamous firms in Florida, Morgan & Morgan, has been known to spend upwards of $45 million per year in advertising. Personal injury lawyers are also increasingly investing in recruiting clients online, sometimes paying as much as $375 every time someone so much as clicks on one of their online advertisements.

Each new client who is enticed by lawsuit advertising and the promise of easy money, only furthers the cycle of lawsuit abuse by putting more money back into the pockets of trial lawyers.

What can be done?  The most important thing we can all do is to refuse to be a part of the cycle of lawsuit abuse and urge others not to buy into the mass-marketing of lawsuits. You can read some of the easy tips we have for being on the lookout and check back with us tomorrow to find out how personal injury lawyers are turning those lawsuit dollars into political clout.

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