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Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits Florida Lawsuit Abuse Legal reform

Throughout Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week we have discussed how Florida’s bad laws are encouraging lawsuit abuse, how trial lawyers take advantage of these laws to file more and more lawsuits, and how they then use their lawsuit profits to flood elections with contributions to lawsuit-friendly politicians.

Now, as the week comes to a close, we’d like to discuss how stopping lawsuit abuse starts with you. Looking at all of this, it is easy to get fed up with the entire legal system. Fortunately, there are ways for you to be part of the solution.

Stopping the cycle of lawsuit abuse begins with being a smart legal consumer. Know your legal rights, and check out our legal consumer guide to see how you can make a difference as a consumer, a watchdog and a citizen. By calling out lawsuit abuse in the state when you see it, you send a loud and clear message to personal injury lawyers that we demand better for Florida’s courts.

Finally, do your part by exercising your right to vote and serving on a jury when called. As a voter, know where your candidates stand on legal reform. Electing candidates who support legal reform is critical to countering trial lawyer power in the legislature and stopping the creation of bad laws that feed lawsuit abuse. And remember, a fair civil justice system is dependent on people doing their part and serving on a jury when called.  It’s a privilege and a responsibility — answer the call to be on a jury.

We all have a role to play in being part of the solution. With your help, we can bring fairness and balance back to Florida’s civil justice system.

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