Don’t Let a Lawyer Be Your Doctor

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We’ve all seen them, and if you live in Tampa, you’ve seen an average of 451 per day. We’re talking about personal injury lawyer advertising. Floridians are surrounded by aggressive lawsuit advertising that uses sensationalistic information to lure or scare people into lawsuits. In fact, the Institute for Legal Reform published new data showing personal injury lawyers are spending roughly $75 million per month nationwide to recruit clients to join lawsuits.

The Sunshine State stands out as one of worst states for these ads. In just the Tampa media market alone, an average of 451 personal injury lawyer ads ran per day last year. Assuming the ads are all 30-seconds long, that equates to 225.5 hours of trial lawyer advertising every single day.

But just because these ads are everywhere doesn’t mean consumers should believe them. Consumers need to understand the facts and motives behind these ads – to generate lawsuits and enrich personal injury lawyers. This is an especially dangerous trend when it comes to health-related ads. If you have questions about your health or medical treatment, talk to your doctor, not a lawyer. Consumers should be on guard against personal injury lawyers and lawsuit recruiters who contact them and urge them to join a lawsuit or ask if they have a specific health condition. They are trolling for lawsuits and “ambulance chasing.”

Part of being an informed legal consumer means recognizing that these ads cannot be trusted and pushing back against personal injury lawyers’ attempts to misinform. Don’t let a lawyer be your doctor!

Download our consumer tips to learn more about what lawsuit ads don’t tell you and how to be a wise legal consumer.

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