SOL_ICON_2_150x100Consistently flagged as one of the worst legal climates in the country, Florida is once again on the American Tort Reform Association’s Judicial Hellholes list. While the legislature passed significant legal reforms in the early 2000s, Florida has been on the wrong track since, showing little if any signs of progress. ADA lawsuits, slip and fall, class actions, and a list of other issues continue to plague the state.

Lawsuit Abuse Hurts All of Us

SOL_ICON_1_150x100Lawsuit abuse doesn’t stay behind closed doors in courtrooms. When a state’s legal system encourages lawsuits and creates greater liability, we all pay the price. And it’s a risky, expensive road to go down.

Employers start looking at moving jobs to states with better legal climates where they can grow a business with funds currently spent on legal bills. Small businesses risk becoming victims of expensive frivolous lawsuits, which can cost new job creation or force them to close their doors for good. Consumers begin feeling the impact in their pocket book as the cost of lawsuit abuse is passed down in an increased price for a variety of goods and services or higher insurance premiums.


SOL_ICON_11_150x100Personal injury lawyers have a significant cultural presence and political influence in the state. Infamous for vast advertising investments and attempting to bend the rules, the influence of personal injury lawyers can be seen across a variety of areas in Florida:

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Sick of Lawsuits Updates

2015 becomes missed opportunity in Florida

April 30, 2015

The 2015 legislative session presented Florida lawmakers with an important opportunity to pass […]

A Fair Chance for a Fair Settlement

March 23, 2015

If you live in Florida, there’s a strong chance that you’re paying a lawsuit premium. Personal injury lawyers are hijacking accident settlements so they can run up more and bigger lawsuits.

End Jacked Up Lawsuits with Commonsense Reform

March 12, 2015

This year, Florida has a chance to pass meaningful legal reform that would go a long way in stopping lawsuit abuse.

Governor Scott Cannot Skip Legal Reform

February 17, 2015

A bad legal climate puts businesses at greater risk of being sued, raises liability costs, and makes it harder to grow and create jobs.

Legal reform is the missing piece in Florida

January 28, 2015

Florida governor Rick Scott recently announced his plans to visit other states to lure businesses and jobs to Florida and boost the state’s economy.


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