Help Stop Lawsuit Abuse in Illinois!

Personal injury lawyers have transformed the “Land of Lincoln” into the “Land of Lawsuits” – and that is costing Illinois badly-needed jobs and costing you money. Additionally, current Illinois law allows personal injury lawyers to target citizens and small businesses for lawsuits based on perceived ability to pay rather than degree of responsibility. That makes every Illinois small business and citizen a potential “deep pocket” that could be targeted in a lawsuit.

Use the tool below to urge your legislators to take the lawsuit target off our backs and restore fairness to our courts by passing Governor Rauner’s proposed lawsuit reforms.


A project of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, Sick of Lawsuits is an online network of people who are interested in restoring integrity to our justice system by addressing issues surrounding legal reform. We encourage citizens to be empowered as legal consumers, take action against abuses, and help restore common sense and fairness to our legal system.


Contribute today to fight back against lawsuit abuse and help restore fairness to our legal system.

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