Lawsuit Abuse is Making Us Sick!

Personal injury lawyers are targeting our healthcare system with questionable lawsuits and we are all paying the price.

Personal injury lawyer ads are everywhere urging people to sue doctors, drug companies and hospitals as a way to win big money. Some personal injury lawyers go so far as to recruit plaintiffs who aren't even injured just so they can win more money.

What the ads don't say is that these types of frivolous lawsuits can threaten the healthcare we depend upon and leave consumers with reduced access to care, rising healthcare costs and reduced medical innovation.

Join us and put an end to abusive litigation that threatens our healthcare system.

Stop Dangerous and Irresponsible Personal Injury Lawyer Advertising!

Personal injury lawyer advertisements often use misleading, inflammatory and baseless claims that can confuse consumers and scare them into thinking they have been harmed.
Send a letter urging the Federal Trade Commission to pursue stricter guidelines on personal injury lawyer advertising.

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It Makes Us Sick

Obesity looms large for aspiring doctors

"The leader of the anti-obesity lawsuit movement is threatening physicians-in-training with lawsuits if they don't warn obese patients about their excessive weight. George Washington University law professor John Banzhaf III, who has led efforts to sue fast-food chains for contributing to America's extra weight � said he will warn aspiring doctors to be on guard for lawsuits that could stem from physicians failing to tell patients they are obese and the risks of carrying that additional weight."

-March 18, 2005,
The Washington Times

This isn't justice, it's greed and it makes us sick!