Lawsuit Abuse 101

What is lawsuit abuse?

You might have clicked on a story that asked “Is this story real or fake?” All the stories that you saw are real examples of lawsuit abuse. For instance, Taylor Swift was sued for $42 million over the lyrics to “Shake It Off.” The musician who sued her claims there is “no way” that Taylor Swift came up with the lyrics “haters gonna hate” and “players gonna play” on her own. He insists that she stole them a song he wrote in 2013. We’re sorry to break it to him, but both phrases have been used in song lyrics as far back as 2001. This is just one example of lawsuit abuse.

Here at Sick of Lawsuits we are shining a light on how lawsuit abuse affects consumers, taxpayers, small businesses, business owners, and the overall economy. Abusive lawsuits truly cost all of us – they harm the economy, stifle job creation, threaten our access to affordable, quality health care, and delay justice for the truly injured by clogging our courts.

All of this harm to our courts is part of a cycle: bad laws encourage lawsuits, personal injury lawyers get rich, lawsuit-friendly politicians get elected, and it starts all over again. Click through the steps below and see how our courts continue to be used for greed, not justice.

Bad laws encourage abusive lawsuits that line the pockets of personal injury lawyers

Bad laws create more reasons and opportunities to sue a person or a business. This encourages a personal injury lawyer, let’s call him “Lawsuit Larry,” to exploit the law and create a new gravy train of often questionable lawsuits.

Personal injury lawyers aggressively recruit plaintiffs to file lawsuits and generate lawsuit fees

Lawsuit Larry is everywhere urging people to sue and promising lawsuit payouts. He recruits a plaintiff, “Bob,” to join a lawsuit. Bob may, or may not, have any real injury, but he’s willing to sue because he might win some money.

If Lawsuit Larry wins the case, he’ll take a big chunk of Bob’s lawsuit payout.

Personal injury lawyers donate to political campaigns to influence lawmakers

Lawsuit Larry takes some of his lawsuit fees and contributes to “Sam’s” political campaign. It’s an investment in Sam, who will return the favor once elected.

Trial lawyer-friendly politicians protect existing bad laws, and write new ones that encourage abuse

Once in office, Sam blocks legal reforms and supports legislation that creates more lawsuit opportunities, and more money, for Lawsuit Larry.

The cycle continues.

  • More abusive lawsuits
  • More rich personal injury lawyers
  • More campaign contributions
  • More laws that encourage lawsuit abuse

Our courts should be used to make people whole, not make personal injury lawyers rich. Stop the cycle. Stop lawsuit abuse.

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