Prescriptions for Change

Additional sources of information about the healthcare litigation epidemic.

CALA Groups


Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch


Central California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Los Angeles Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Orange County Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Silicon Valley Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse


Houston Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse

Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse

Organizations and Associations

The purpose of these links is to provide readers with information about other groups active on litigation issues.
The particular views expressed by those sites are their own and we may or may not support them.

Alabama Voters Against Lawsuit Abuse

American Tort Reform Association

Civil Justice Association of California

The Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Healthcare

Georgia Public Policy Foundation

Healthcare Liability Alliance

The Heartland Institute

Illinois Civil Justice League (ICJL)

Stop Lawsuit Abuse in Mississippi, Inc.

Tennesseans for Legal Reform

Texas Civil Justice League

Texans for Lawsuit Reform

Texas Medical Association

US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform

Washington Legal Foundation

Lawsuit Abuse Makes Us Sick
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