What Stays in Vegas? Maybe Not Jobs.

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According to the Institute for Legal Reform, Nevada’s courts may be more of a gamble than a shot at fairness.  Nevada’s lawsuit climate ranked 39th in the nation.  

According to an article by Vegas Inc, the state could “increase employment by 1 to 2 percent if it were to improve its legal environment.” What do those changes look like?  It’s actions like making sure class actions benefit consumers, not trial lawyers.   It’s making sure that citizens understand the importance of jury duty and the clog that frivolous lawsuits put on our courts.  It’s keeping a watchdog eye on judges and the Attorney General.

We’ve reported here about the low rankings of states like West Virginia, Louisiana and Illinois—but we must remember than all across our nation there are courts in need of reforms.

Looks like even the city full of bright lights and luck needs a good dose of legal reforms to keep it’s jobs and help the economy.

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