Nevada’s New Jackpot: Lawsuits

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Nevada is a state known for its jackpots. But in recent years, those jackpots have a whole new meaning. It has nothing to do with casinos and everything to do with lawsuits and our civil justice system.

The Silver State has become a hotbed of lawsuit abuse. Frivolous lawsuits hurt all of us, and they hit small business owners the hardest. Chances are you’ve heard about these problems – either you know a business owner who was a victim of being sued or you hear about a “sue-first” mentality in your community.

You hear a lot about “slip and fall” lawsuits plaguing the state. This new mentality has increased the threat of lawsuits and spurred a surge in slip and fall personal injury lawyers. The prevalence of this new “industry” has caused small business owners to be wary of every person that steps through their door and they continually live in fear over a slip and fall suit.

I’m all too familiar with this pattern. After decades of working in California, I’ve seen business owners flee for Nevada because it was at one time a less litigious environment. Now that’s just not the case, and the courts aren’t doing anything to help.

In late 2012, the Nevada Supreme court ruled to vastly expand premises liability – this means business and land owners would be liable for people who ignore obvious dangers and get hurt. With one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, the courts need to put more focus protecting businesses and helping create jobs. Instead, Nevada is choosing a path that encourages lawsuits and serves the interests of personal injury lawyers more than it does the average person.

If Nevada continues down this path, it will only cement Nevada’s reputation as a state that cares more about creating lawsuits that enrich a few than it cares about creating a fair legal climate and jobs that benefit everyone.

It’s time to start fighting back against the personal industry lawyers and the booming lawsuit economy. You do not create more jobs by creating more avenues to sue. Stop placating the trial lawyers. Focus on ways to help businesses grow. More lawsuits is not the answer, believe me!

Written by Tom Scott, National Spokesperson for Sick of Lawsuits

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