'Looniest Lawsuits'

We’ve all heard about them. Ridiculous lawsuits that make us laugh, but that are more sad than funny because they are actually true. And the worst part is: they cost everyone money.

To highlight the problem of outrageous lawsuits that are costing honest and hard-working American taxpayers billions of dollars each year, Sick of Lawsuits has ranked the 'Looniest Lawsuits' of 2011.

3. Oprah and Nuclear Warfare

This isn’t the first time Oprah has been sued, but it sure may be the most creative.  Recently, Charleston resident Emily Braxton filed a suit against Oprah Winfrey.  Braxton claims that Winfrey stole her Social Security funds and used them to pay the US Treasury for nuclear warfare.  Braxton has a bit of a track record in the Kanawha court system, having filed over 12 suits in the last ten years, with defendants such as T.D. Jakes and George W. Bush.  All of these suits have been dismissed.   

2. Follows Direction Well

In Utah, a woman following her Google Maps directions was hit by a car.  This story seems quite unfortunate until you read further.  The woman, Lauren Rosenberg, followed the directions exactly, which means she walked across a busy highway.  Also, she is suing Google, blaming the company for not warning her that crossing a highway might be dangerous.   

1. Don’t offend Lindsay Lohan

The E-Trade talking baby commercial saga recently added a new character: “Lindsay,” the milk-aholic baby.  Of course, Lindsay Lohan immediately jumped to the conclusion that this character was referring to her.  She sued E-Trade for her the suffering that the commercial caused her—a mere $100 million worth.  Lohan claims that the reference to the first name Lindsay relates to herself, similar to Madonna or Oprah.  E-Trade claims that the name was just chosen because of its popularity, along with it being the name of a member of the advertising account team.  No word on whether the team member is suing for her own $100 million.