Americans list personal injury lawyers as the group most responsible for frivolous lawsuits.

Did you also know…?

  • Personal injury lawyers have recruited thousands of uninjured plaintiffs into asbestos litigation - diverting millions of dollars in compensation from critically ill and dying victims. An independent analysis of chest X-rays submitted as evidence in a trial found that more than 90percent of the screenings did not show actual lung damage.
    ("The Great Asbestos Deception," The San Diego Union-Tribune, August 13, 2004)

  • Twelve Jefferson County, Mississippi Fen-Phen plaintiffs recruited by personal injury lawyers into a class action lawsuit have pleaded guilty to faking prescriptions of the diet drug in order to collect $250,000 each from the $400 million settlement. In light of this fraud, judges are now investigating additional mass action claims involving the medication.
    (Federal Authorities Targeting Fraud in Fen-Phen Claims, The Philadelphia Inquirer, September 18, 2005)

  • While each year over 7.5 million lives in America are either saved by or improved through implantable medical devices, pacemakers and stents, fear of frivolous litigation and outrageous jury verdicts has caused manufacturers to limit distribution or stop production altogether. 75% of suppliers of biomaterials used to make medical implants banned sales to U.S. manufacturers as a result of these fears.
    ("How FDA Regulation and Injury Litigation Cripple the Medical Device Industry," Policy Analysis 412, August 28, 2001)

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