79% of Americans believe advertising by personal injury lawyers encourages people to sue even if they have not been injured.

Did you also know . . . ?

  • Aggressive personal injury lawyer advertising tactics were used to recruit uninjured plaintiffs into asbestos litigation – diverting millions of dollars in compensation from critically ill and dying victims. An independent analysis of chest X-rays submitted as evidence in a trial found that more than 90 percent of the screenings did not show actual lung damage. ("The Great Asbestos Deception," The San Diego Union-Tribune, August 13, 2004)
  • Evidence used in Fen-Phen class action lawsuits has been called into question with the arrests and convictions of 12 former plaintiffs in Jefferson County, Mississippi. The plaintiffs have pleaded guilty to faking prescriptions of the diet drug in order to collect $250,000 each from the $400 million settlement. ("Key Figure in Diet Drug Case Sentenced to 31 Months in Prison,” The Associated Press, August 2, 2005)
  • In one year alone, one of the largest legal advertising agencies reported one-third of its $20 million in legal billings was devoted to pharmaceutical litigation ads. (“Coming to Terms with the $20,000 Ad: A Realization About Lawyer Advertising,” National Law Journal, October 10, 2002; “See You In Court,” Desert News, September 8, 2002)

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