Sick of Lawsuits Announces Must Sue TV Video Contest Winner

Online Community of Legal Reform Advocates Takes On Personal Injury Lawyer Advertising

June 12, 2008 – Sacramento, CA – Sick of Lawsuits today announced the winner of its Must Sue TV contest, an online video contest for spoofs of the personal injury lawyer advertisements that bombard most Americans everyday. Sedition Films, an independent horror & political film company, submitted the winning entry, which encourages viewers to sue if they have become the victim of supernatural events like haunted houses and zombies.

“Personal injury lawyer ads are everywhere, encouraging people to sue anything and everything,” said Tom Scott, Sick of Lawsuits spokesperson. “We received a number of hilarious submissions from talented filmmakers across the country each with their own unique take on our lawsuit-happy culture. Sedition Films’ entry took this idea to a new level, truly illustrating how outrageous personal injury lawyer advertising can be."

"Sedition Films is proud to take part in the Must Sue TV contest, as well as taking part in a campaign by and their efforts to educate people and inform the public on the abusive practices of some working within the legal system," said Manny Serrano of Sedition Films. "The system is being abused and bombarded, heavily, by predators who know how to manipulate the legal process in ways some of us were not even aware were possible. We thank for giving us the opportunity to not only do something creative and different, but to also take part in a campaign that will show people how ridiculous some parts of this system are, as well as how easy it is for some to profit from it, wrongfully."

The Must Sue TV contest was open to the public for submissions from April 1, 2008 until May 30, 2008 and decided by public voting through YouTube’s rating system. In total, the contest received seven video submissions. The best of the ad spoofs can be viewed on the Sick of Lawsuits Web site (

Personal injury lawyer advertisements often use misleading, inflammatory and baseless claims that can confuse consumers and scare them into thinking they have been harmed.  A recent Sick of Lawsuits poll found that almost 80 percent of Americans believe advertising by personal injury lawyers encourages people to sue even if they have not been injured.

“Lawsuit abuse is a growing problem in this country and it’s clear that others agree,” Scott added.  “Personal injury lawyers should not be allowed to scare and mislead consumers with sensationalism and half-truths. Advertising for other industries must include disclaimers and be factual, personal injury lawyers should be held to the same standard.”

To learn more about the problem of lawsuit abuse and how consumers can fight back, visit To view the Must Sue TV YouTube contest page featuring all video submissions, visit

About Sick of Lawsuits is a nonpartisan, grassroots campaign to educate the public about the negative impact of lawsuit abuse, empower consumers to take action against these abuses, and challenge those who profit from abusing our legal system.

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Sick of Lawsuits' new television commercial, "Tango," highlights the partnership between some personal injury lawyers and so-called expert witnesses hired to manufacture junk science to prop up junk lawsuits.

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