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Sick of Lawsuits and the Parent Bloggers Network ran a “Wacky Warning Label” contest for member bloggersto post pictures of the most ridiculous warning labels on their blogs.  21 parent bloggers submitted pictures for the contest, which called attention the way lawsuit abuse has spurred companies to warn consumers about common sense practices.  “The growing number of frivolous lawsuits has prompted manufacturers to cover all their bases where it comes to warning labels on products,” said the Parent Bloggers Network. “These labels may be funny, but lawsuit abuse costs all of us money. Let’s bring common sense back.” 

Judged by Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, prizes were awarded to the wackiest submissions.  The grand prize of $200 was awarded to:

  • The Davis Gang, who entered a warning label on a chainsaw that cautioned, Danger: do not hold the wrong end of the chainsaw.

Runner-up prizes of $100 were awarded to three bloggers:

  • Composter Mom found many wacky warning labels around the house, including a label warning not to eat a rocking chair!
  • Coming to a Nursery Near You entered the competition after discovering a pesticide can advising do not use on humans
  • RN Mom raised eyebrows with a warning label on a jug of detergent: Do not reuse this package for dispensing beverages or other liquids. 

Other entries included the following posts:

Okay for Levitating, but Not Floating

Positive IQ Required

Really?  It's a fish?

Wacky Warning Labels!

What!?! No Smoking Near Fireworks?

Wow, Ultimate BabyWrap.

Crazy Warning Labels

A Few Moronic Warning Labels

Eww, Ouch, Yikes & Duhhhhh

I Mean For Reals, Y'all?

In a Word: Yes

Just in case you wanted to shred your hair…

Sick of Lawsuits would like to thank bloggers who participated!  All the entries provided viewers with humor, while reminding us how far the lawsuit abuse culture has caused us to stray from common sense. 


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