Good Judges Matter

Judges have great power over our laws and our lives. They make decisions that affect our community safety, environment, health care, jobs and schools. But we have the power to decide who sits on the bench!

In 2008, citizens in 30 states will vote in critically important elections that will determine who sits on their state courts.

These elections will determine who will be on the front lines of many critically important decisions for our states and our communities. Judges also have the power to ensure all parties are treated fairly in the courtroom, providing justice for those who have been wronged and protecting our courts from junk lawsuits.

Judicial elections give voters an important voice in who is protecting their interests in the legal system. As citizens, it is our responsibility to become informed and vote for judges we can trust.

Click on your state on the map below for information about your judicial elections and for helpful resources where you can learn more about your judicial candidates.