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Fast Facts About Lawsuit Abuse

  • Lawsuit costs passed on to consumers add up to nearly $721 per year for every person in America today.

  • Because of litigation fears, 79% of doctors said they had ordered more tests than they would based only on professional judgment of what is medically needed.

  • It takes at least a year to resolve most lawsuits, and delays of three to five years are not uncommon. Unfortunately, injured people with legitimate claims can wait years before their cases go to trial.

  • An estimated $50 billion per year is spent on unnecessary test procedures designed only to guard doctors and hospitals against malpractice claims.

  • Almost half of the money spent by physician insurers goes towards defending cases that ultimately are closed without compensation paid to the claimant.

Press Kit - Important Information About Lawsuit Abuse

Media Contacts:
Illinois Lawsuit Abuse Watch
Phone: 1-866-866-ILAW

Maryann Maloney
Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse
Phone: 213-625-2620

Texans Against Lawsuit Abuse
Phone: 1-800-476-1442


Lawsuit Abuse Makes Us Sick
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