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May 22, 2003

Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse Groups Across the Country Join Efforts to Launch NEW WEB SITE, www.SICKOFLAWSUITS.ORG will be one-stop shop for information about America's health litigation epidemic

Today, Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) groups across the country announced the launch of, a Web site dedicated to informing the public about America's health litigation crisis.

The Web site serves as the flagship of a new campaign highlighting how frivolous litigation and unfounded class action lawsuits have impacted the way healthcare is delivered in America. The campaign, "Sick of Lawsuits," aims to educate consumers about how healthcare litigation is raising their costs for prescription drugs, health coverage and doctor visits, while also jeopardizing access to medical products and treatments.

"Junk lawsuits, questionable class actions and court shopping are a few of the abusive practices that are undermining our healthcare," said Maryann Maloney, Executive Director of Orange County Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. "Lawsuit abuse is affecting how our healthcare is delivered in America. will allow us to inform the public of the devastating effects of this abuse and the efforts to draw attention to our broken healthcare litigation system." includes a section chronicling the "symptoms" of the broken system that provides facts, news reports, quotes and case studies that document the crisis. It also presents up-to-date information on the latest political, legislative and grassroots developments aimed at reform. In addition, links to reports, organizations and other information on the healthcare litigation epidemic.

"Lawsuit abuse threatens our healthcare system and jeopardizes our ability to access what should be the finest health care in the world," Maloney notes. " Our legal system is broken and patients are paying the price."

Rossanna Salazar


Lawsuit Abuse Makes Us Sick
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