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Are these ridiculous lawsuits REAL or FAKE? Find out here!

You might have clicked on a story that asked “Is this story real or fake?” All the stories that you saw are REAL examples of lawsuit abuse!

Too many people abuse our legal system for their own personal gain, and it hurts us all. Think these lawsuits sound too far-fetched to be real? Read more about these outrageous claims below.


“Bieber sued over screaming ‘Beliebers’”: REAL

1C Bieber_2If you attend a concert, you expect the atmosphere to be pretty loud, right? Apparently, one Oregon woman expected more peace and quiet.

In 2012, she sued Justin Bieber because she claimed his fans were screaming too loudly! The woman, who was attending Justin’s show in Portland with her daughter, claimed that Justin was encouraging his fans to scream louder and louder – loud enough to create “a sound blast that permanently damaged both of my ears.”

Next time, try listening to the album – quietly – at home.


“Man Sues Himself for Vehicle Damage”: REAL

square-sue-himselfA California man sued the city of Lodi for backing into his car with a dump truck. What makes this lawsuit so ridiculous? The fact that he was driving the dump truck at the time!

Although the man’s claim was dismissed, his wife tried to pick up where he left off by suing the city for an even larger amount of money.

Another reason to double-check your rearview mirrors before backing up!


“Taylor Swift Is Being Sued For $42 Million Over The Lyrics To “Shake It Off””: REAL

1A Swift_2A musician claims there is “no way” that Taylor Swift came up with the lyrics “Haters gonna hate” and “players gonna play” on her own. He insists that she stole them a song he wrote in 2013, and sued Taylor for $42 million.

We’re sorry to break it to him, but both phrases have been used in song lyrics as far back as 2001. This musician seems to be one of those “haters!”


“Beyoncé Sued For $7 Million By Background Singer For Stealing ‘XO’”: REAL

1B Beyonce_2Speaking of ridiculous claims against pop stars, a background singer sued Beyonce in 2015 for allegedly copying his song “XOXO” for her hit “XO.” Similar to the claim against T. Swift, the man who sued Beyonce claimed that she could not have written “XO” without first listening to “XOXO.”

According to Beyonce’s team, the two tracks “share no lyrical or musical similarity, other than perhaps the letters ‘X’ and ‘O.’”


“Aunt sues nephew for $127,000 over enthusiastic birthday hug”: REAL

2C Cast 600x600And finally, in possibly the most ridiculous lawsuit of 2015, a New York woman sued her then eight-year-old nephew for giving her a hug at his birthday party. As the boy jumped into his aunt’s arms and exclaimed, “I love you!” she fell to the ground and injured her wrist.

So next time you want to give your aunt a hug, make sure she has both feet firmly on the ground!


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