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Here are just some of the personal stories of everyday people who have suffered as a result of this healthcare litigation emergency.

  • In February, 2003, Leanne Dyess of Vicksburg, MS, testified before a Senate panel on how costly medical liability coverage has denied patient access to healthcare. The victim of a single-car accident, Leanne's husband Tony received severe injuries which led to permanent brain damages because doctors were unavailable. "Before July 5th, I was like most Americans, completely unaware that just below the surface of our nation's healthcare delivery system, serious damage was being done by excessive and frivolous litigation…You see, it's not until you're spouse needs a specialist, or you're the expectant mother who needs an ob/gyn or it's your child who needs a pediatric neurosurgeon, that you realize there is damage being done beneath the surface… My family had insurance when Tony was inured. We had good insurance. What we didn't have was a doctor." Testimony, United State Senates Committee on the Judiciary, Patient Access Crisis: The Role of Medical Litigation, February 11, 2003

  • An Arizona mother delivered her child en route to a hospital 35 miles away when her local hospital was forced to close their maternity ward because their insurance rates were projected to quadruple. - Chicago Tribune, "Soaring Cost of Insurance Puts Doctors on the Ropes," April 7, 2002.

  • Grace Kimes, 86, suddenly and unexpectedly found herself without her doctor last year when he was forced to leave his practice in Pennsylvania because he could no longer afford the exorbitant liability costs. "It's scary losing your doctor, especially at this age… I just hope I don't fall or have a serious problem before I'm able to find another doctor." The Seniors Coalition Senior Advocate. "Soaring Medical Liability Costs From Frivolous Lawsuits Threaten Seniors' Healthcare", Volume 7, Number 1

  • Even though she admittedly had never been harmed by the heartburn drug Propulsid, Hazel Norton of Rolling Fork, Mississippi joined a mass action against its makers because she "thought she might get a couple of thousand dollars." When her doctor subsequently left the state in response to excessive litigation, Norton commented, "I'm kind of upset. I do not want him leaving because of all the suits. If we run off all the doctors, what are the people gonna do?" Clarion Ledger, "Tort Reform: Just What the Doctors Ordered?" July 29, 2002.

  • Gadsden Nursing Home in Quincy, FL will close its facility in March because of high medical liability rates. The fifty-five patients who are served by the home will be forced to find care elsewhere. Due to skyrocketing costs, the number of nursing home facilities in Texas has fallen ten percent over the past five years. The Seniors Coalition Senior Advocate. "Soaring Medical Liability Costs From Frivolous Lawsuits Threaten Seniors' Healthcare", Volume 7, Number 1

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