"[Physicians who provide fraudulent diagnoses] do not need a 'get out of jail free' card because they already have a 'never go to jail' card. As a consequence, they are emboldened by the immunity conferred on them by the medical license or science degree to manufacture diagnoses and scientific evidence for money ... [The] defect is the inability of our civil justice system to cope with, let alone to sanction, medical and scientific experts who, in exchange for millions of dollars in fees, provide fraudulent diagnoses and testimony in support of mass tort claims."

Professor Lester Brickman


"A recent decision by a New York court is a stark reminder that, despite far-reaching reforms, junk science still plagues American courtrooms. The case, Nonnon v. City of New York, involves a group of plaintiffs claiming that exposure to toxic substances in New York City's Pelham Bay landfill caused their cancers. They presented no study to the trial court showing that any substance found in the landfill causes their types of cancer and the testimony of their expert witnesses was speculative and based on a single methodologically deficient study. When one of these experts was challenged, he 'persisted in providing insufficient information about his methods and incomplete information about his analysis.'" The Wall Street Journal, September 30, 2006 Read More » (Subscription Required)


Sick of Lawsuits marked Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week by announcing winners of its second "Bad Science Investigation" (BSI) Awards and having supporters vote for the winner of Sick of Lawsuits' 2006 Biggest B.S. (Bad Science) Award. The questionable existence of the mysterious Dr. Frye, who diagnosed a plaintiff as having asbestos-related illness yet has never been licensed to practice medicine in West Virginia and whose address is nothing more than a vacant lot, made him the clear winner of this Biggest B.S. Award. Read about other "bad science" offenders named in Sick of Lawsuits' second BSI Awards »


The Stats

21,700: Total number of Vioxx lawsuits - many with multiple plaintiffs - filed to date. The second anniversary of the drug's recall caused this number to increase sharply from the 14,200 cases reported as of June 30 of this year.
Associated Press, September 30, 2006

4,500: Number of applications for new physician licenses the Texas Medical Board is expected to receive this year. This number is up 40 percent from 2005 and a record for the medical board, following the passage of healthcare reform legislation that helped stop years of declining numbers of physicians in Texas due to the state's hotly litigious climate.

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