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Bad Science Investigation (“BSI”) Awards

We’ve all heard of lawsuits based on bad science. The “Bad Science Investigation” (BSI) Awards call out some of the worst uses of bad science to support bad lawsuits and show just how far some will go in trying to manipulate our courts to win the lawsuit lottery. Read the winners of Sick of Lawsuits first BSI Awards »


Winners of Sick of Lawsuits’ Second BSI Awards

Best Cameo Appearance – Dr. Oscar Frye

Not only wasn’t the doctor in the house, there was no doctor to be found! Oscar Frye is the mysterious Huntington, West Virginia doctor who is reported to have diagnosed a plaintiff in a lawsuit as suffering from asbestos-related illness. The only problem is no one by the name of “Oscar Frye” has ever been issued a license to practice medicine in West Virginia. Not only that, but the address listed for the doctor is nothing more than a vacant lot. Talk about a doctor that doesn’t make house calls.


Best Use of a Body Double – Ricky May and Robert Gilkison

Who says being healthy has to derail a potential big money payday for asbestos exposure? Certainly not Ricky May and Robert Gilkison. When Ricky May’s health checked out as A-OK, Gilkison – a former railroad worker hired by a personal injury law firm to recruit other workers for asbestos lawsuits – turned to the old “body double” trick and used another employee who had been positively diagnosed with asbestos exposure to sit in for May's screening.