Help Put an End to Fraud in Asbestos Litigation

Over the last several years, enormous amounts of fraud and abuse of the asbestos trust system at the hands of personal injury lawyers has been exposed in Texas and across the nation. Simply put, some personal injury lawyers are gaming the lawsuit system, manipulating it by “double dipping” so that they can double their profits.

“Double dipping” in asbestos cases occurs when personal injury lawyers sue a company, claim its products harmed their clients and also file claims with asbestos trusts telling a different story, blaming other products for the same exact harm. It is an abuse of our lawsuit system allowing lawyers to get double or multiple payouts for the same injury while reducing the resources available to compensate those who have been truly injured by asbestos exposure– many of whom are veterans.

Use the tool below to urge your legislators to support HB 1492, by Rep. Doug Miller, which would work to reduce fraud and abuse in asbestos litigation.


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