The Problem

Our civil justice system is under attack by personal injury lawyers who game the legal system for personal profit in the name of “consumer protection.”  The reality is that consumers are the ones getting fleeced.  These abusive lawsuits harm the economy and job creation, threaten our access to affordable, quality health care, and delay justice for the truly injured by clogging our courts. Ultimately, lawsuit abuse hurts all of us.

Abuse of the Courts

Personal injury lawyers are inventing lawsuits and abusing the courts to get rich.
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Junk Lawsuits

Junk lawsuits are clogging our courts.
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Cost to Consumers

Consumers are paying the price of lawsuit abuse.
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Personal Injury Lawyer Influence

Personal injury lawyers exert undue influence to further their lawsuit creation agenda.
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Healthcare Under Attack

Frivolous lawsuits threaten our health care.
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fast facts

The U.S. tort system costs every man, woman and child in the U.S. a yearly "tort tax" of $808 --that's $3,232 for a family of four! (The 2010 Update on U.s. Tort Cost Trends, Towers Watson, 2010)

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Sick of Lawsuits' new television commercial, "Tango," highlights the partnership between some personal injury lawyers and so-called expert witnesses hired to manufacture junk science to prop up junk lawsuits.

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